Blog #1 : April 1, 2019

What’s the dream you fear admitting to yourself? The dream that may send you down the path of the unknown but will give you purpose and passion? The one that becomes real only when you speak it out loud?

Our dream is Pow Wow Moto. Creating this platform has paved roads to making meaningful connections with people, giving us the courage to go on adventures with our motorcycles and to make a positive impact in our community.

Community today is global thanks to social media, connecting ideas and resources that can make the world a better place. Because of mediums like Instagram, we’ve stayed at strangers homes while on the road, hosted some in ours and have become friends with so many people. Knowledge is power and like every day there is a dark side that comes out. However, we choose to live in a reality of hope where every single human being is inherently good. A world where we are all equal regardless of the invisible preconceived prejudices we have been conditioned to believe about one another.

Pow Wow Moto is gaining some traction and people are starting to take notice. Last summer we gathered riders to join us on a ride to the community of Fisher River in Treaty 5 Territory to attend the Ada Wilson ‘Grey Cloud Woman’ Pow Wow. I really need to write a post about that experience. We also rode out to the community of Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation in Treaty 1 Territory to attend their Pow Wow. I really need to write a post about that day too! Another ride saw us heading to the US/Canada border to learn more about the Spirit of the Buffalo Camp near Gretna, Manitoba.

These rides impacted many people on a deeply personal level. We ride to Pow Wow’s to listen, to learn, to respect and to build relationships. Reconciliation is a word we often hear today and it is just that, a word. We practice reconcili-action. It’s not enough to know, it’s not enough to care. To really contribute you need to get out of your comfort zone, put yourself out there and do something positive. It starts with conversation.

For 2019 we are excited to announce a partnership between Pow Wow Moto and Tough Duck (a local workwear brand that has a respected international presence). Through the Indigenous Carpentry Program offered by ILDI, Pow Wow Moto and Tough Duck have partnered to provide workwear and additional financial support to one female Indigenous carpentry student.

Program details:

All 2019 sales from the Treaty 1 tees, proceeds from our other merchandise and donations we receive for our Pow Wow rides will go directly towards this partnership program. Money raised will help cover additional living expenses for the student. We encourage you to buy one of these shirts and wear it proudly! We are so thankful to Tough Duck for believing in the importance of this program and coming on board by outfitting this carpentry student with all of her workwear apparel needs.

The positive direction of Pow Wow Moto is exciting and your support matters. Be involved by purchasing a Treaty 1 t-shirt, join us this summer for a Pow Wow ride or get involved in one of the many initiatives in your community that helps break down barriers and seeks to build each other up.